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Take Care of Kids’ Teeth with Tips from a Children’s Dentist in Windsor

July 23, 2018

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kids in a circleDo your little ones just love to stand at the bathroom sink to brush their teeth? No?!? Don’t worry—they’re not the only ones. Most children have something else they’d rather be doing. Fortunately though, they have parents to make sure they brush and floss their teeth every day. But if you could use some tips on how to make oral hygiene and health less of a battle in your house, then read on for some quick tips from a children’s dentist in Windsor.

Brushing and Flossing Kids’ Teeth

Caring for your children’s smiles begins before they even have teeth. All you have to do is take a soft cloth moistened with warm water and gently wipe those delicate gums. Then, when that first little tooth appears, it’s time to start brushing. Once again, moisten the brush with water. There’s no need for toothpaste until your child is old enough to spit, which is usually around the age of two or three.

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends that parents brush kids’ teeth until they are eight years old and floss their teeth until they turn 10. You can make oral hygiene at home more fun by offering kids their choice of flavored toothpaste. And now there are so many toothbrushes for kids to choose, why not take them to the store, so they pick out a couple of favorites?

Proper Nutrition for Healthy Teeth and Gums

Your children’s eating habits could have a direct impact on the long-term health of their smiles. With this in mind, here are a few tips to help you get your kids to eat healthy.

  • Let children help you select fruits and vegetables at the grocery. Older kids can also be involved in prepping meals with tasks such as washing the lettuce, adding pre-cut veggies and tossing the salad.
  • If you’re offering a new dish, let your children “feed” it to a favorite teddy bear or doll first. They may be more willing to try after that.
  • Make sure healthy food has an easy-to-reach spot in your refrigerator. A hungry child is usually not willing to wait for you to cut a carrot, slice an apple or make whole wheat toast with peanut butter. So have a container of healthy snacks at kids’ eye level in the frig.
  • When your kids do have a sweet treat, combine it with a meal. Doing so reduces the potential for sugar and starches to cause cavities.

See the Dentist

Just like mommy and daddy, children also need to see a family dentist in Windsor for regular checkups twice each year. An initial visit should be scheduled before the age of one. Then, cleanings and exams can begin between the ages of two and three.

If your child is due for a checkup, or if that first birthday is around the corner, call a children’s dentist in Windsor today to schedule an appointment.


About the Author

With over 30 years of expertise in dentistry, Dr. David J. Bloom graduated from Georgetown University. He practices at Day Hill Dental at 1060 Day Hill Road, in Windsor, and can be reached for any questions about children’s dental health, as well as other dental care needs at his website.

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