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Big Upcoming Event? Here’s When to Whiten Your Teeth!

March 13, 2021

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Woman smiling after getting her teeth whitened

Looking at your calendar, do you have any events on the horizon? Everyone is ready to get back to celebrating with friends and family – weddings, showers, all types of gatherings. You’re probably doing all you can to make sure you look (and feel) your best. If your teeth are looking a little yellow or stained, your confidence could be affected, which is why teeth whitening is a great option. But when is the best time to whiten your smile in preparation for an upcoming event? The answer is: it depends! 

First, Think About Your Time & Budget

The right time to whiten your teeth depends on a few factors, but none are more significant than your time and budget. Because there are so many different teeth whitening solutions, all ranging in treatment time and effectiveness, you must first do a little math. How much do you want to spend on your smile? How many days, weeks, or months do you have until your big event? Once you answer these questions, you can begin to explore your whitening options. 

The Best Whitening Option for You 

With your time and budget in mind, you can begin to consider a few options. If you have at least a couple weeks before your event, our Opalescence Go Trays are a great solution because it’s cost-effective and convenient. These trays are designed to be used over 10 days.  At the end of using them, you will have a brighter, whiter smile!

That said, not everybody has weeks to prepare. If you received short notice, or you’ve put off finding a solution, you may need to pay a little more to get the results you desire. Thankfully, in-office teeth whitening is a super quick, convenient, and effective way to get a beautiful smile. Using professional-grade whitening gel and a special barrier to protect your gums, your dentist can safely whiten your teeth in just one visit.  You will notice a dramatic difference.  If you’d like to do touch-up whitening later, you can have custom trays made and take home some whitening gel to use again in 6 months or over the next few years.

Remember to Maintain Good Dental Habits

No matter which whitening solution you choose, it’s vital to maintain a good oral healthcare routine so you can prevent staining and discoloration. Remember to brush, floss, and maintain regular visits to your dentist’s office. 

So, is your smile ready for the significant life event you have in the near future? If not, remember you have a few wonderful teeth whitening options to give you a beautiful, attractive, and dazzling grin!

About the Practice

At Day Hill Dental, we have a team of 6 dentists who blend art and science to provide incredible teeth whitening as well as other cosmetic services. We have both in-office and take-home whitening so you can choose the solution that works best for you. To learn more, contact us through our website or by phone at (860) 688-5595. 

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