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Dry Mouth? Keep Wearing a Mask, but Prevent Your Mouth from Drying Out!

December 11, 2020

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Woman wearing mask while avoiding mask mouth

If you’re following protocol to reduce your and others’ risk of COVID-19, you may have noticed your mouth is drier. Of course, preventing the spread of the virus is more important than a little dry mouth, but why does this problem occur? Is there a way to prevent feeling that dryness in your mouth? Read on to learn the answers!

Why Do You Have a Dry Mouth?

You don’t have any dental issues that you know of, so why does your mouth get dry, especially when wearing a mask? There could be many reasons, but here are some of the most common:

  • breathing through your mouth more while wearing a mask
  • being dehydrated
  • forgetting to sip water throughout the day

All of these lead to the flow of your saliva decreasing. Saliva naturally washes away plaque and bacteria. Having a dry mouth allows bacteria to grow and cause odor and potentially cavities.  The good news is dry mouth can be prevented.

Tips for Getting Rid of Dry Mouth

During these uncertain times, you don’t need one more health issue to worry about. Preventing dry mouth will help reduce your risk for cavities and gum disease. Use these easy yet effective tips:

  • Stay hydrated: Water not only prevents dry mouth, but it also washes away food debris and plaque on the smile. Plus, most tap water contains fluoride—a natural cavity-fighting mineral.
  • Stop mouth breathing: You probably tend to breathe through your mouth unconsciously when you have a mask on. Try to train yourself to breathe through your nose to cut down on the dryness.
  • Be choosy about your mouthwash: Only use a mouthwash without alcohol in it.  Alcohol can cause dryness. 
  • Try an over-the-counter dry mouth product: There are many types – toothpastes, mouthwashes, lozenges, etc.  If you feel your mouth is dry, call for a recommendation about which dry-mouth products may work best for you.
  • Get checked out by your dentist: Maintain regular appointments with your dentist to check for any new cavities or gum disease.

About the Practice

At Day Hill Dental, we have a team of 5 dentists who combine their training and knowledge to deliver the best experiences for their patients. They offer thorough checkups and cleanings to prevent mask mouth before it can even occur! To schedule an appointment, they can be reached through their website or by phone at (860) 688-5595. 

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