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Windsor Children’s Dentistry Services

At Day Hill Dental, we are dedicated to offering the same, high quality dentistry services for every member of your family. From the age of 1 to 101, the skilled Windsor dentist and dentistry team are here to help you achieve and maintain your healthiest smiles and keep them for life. Our team loves having the opportunity to work with young patients. We are dedicated to helping young people learn to love caring for their smiles and enjoy visiting our dentistry practice. If you’re looking for a Windsor family dentist to provide children’s dentistry services for your little ones, please don’t hesitate to give us a call. We can schedule a single visit for your child, or we can set aside a block of appointments to see your whole family on the same day.

Your Child’s First Dental Exam & Cleaning

We recommend parents bring their children to visit us by their first birthday or after the eruption of their first tooth. These early dental office visits will focus on letting your child get used to the sights and sounds in our office and making sure there are no areas for concern. We’ll gently complete a visual and manual examination of your child’s developing tooth structures. In most cases, these first visits are completed entirely as you hold your little one on your lap. We can also partner with you to discuss your child’s at-home care routine and help you provide adequate treatment for your kid’s developing smile. Once your little one is old enough to understand more about our office, we’ll take them on a tour of the practice. We work with kids to understand what’s happening, so they’re never frightened or stressed by visiting us. Our goal is to help young patients learn to enjoy visiting our team and caring for their smiles.

Dental Sealants

Dental sealant application is a simple way to protect developing smiles from tooth decay. This treatment can be completed during any dental checkup appointment, and one application will protect kids’ smiles for years. The process is easy and straight forward. We dry and isolate the teeth. Then, we apply liquid sealant onto the surfaces of teeth. A curing light is used to harden the dental sealants into position. This creates a physical barrier between teeth and decay-causing bacteria and plaque, reducing risk for cavities.

Athletic Sportsguards

Kids who play any athletic event where their smiles may come in contact with other players, hard surfaces, or sports equipment should wear a sportsguard during their athletic events or practices. There are numerous types of over the counter mouthguards available, but many kids do better with a custom athletic mouthguard from our team. These sportsguards are often much more comfortable, so kids are more likely to wear them consistently without complaining about discomfort or breathing obstruction.

Benefits of Family Dental Care

Many parents assume they need to take their children to a pediatric dentist. However, unless your child has significant concerns with dental development, a family dentist may be the best choice. Some of the benefits of visiting a family dentist include:

  • Convenience – you can bring the whole family to see us on the same day. No need to make multiple visits to two or more dental offices. We’ve got the whole family covered.
  • No awkward transitions – many kids have bad transitions from a child’s dental office to an adult office. Either they move to an adult practice at a younger age, which can be upsetting, or they stick with the children’s dental office well into their teens, which can be no fun for these young adults.

Early diagnosis – when a dentist gets to know your child’s smile in the early stages of development and continues to care for them throughout their growth, they are much more likely to notice changes in the earliest stages. This allows us to help kids avoid tooth decay or damage, and when oral health concerns can’t be avoided, we’re able to repair smiles with early diagnosis and conservative treatment solutions.

Meet Dr. Hannah Hughes

Dr. Hannah Hughes has been a part of our family since 2017. She works closely with our young patients to create a healthy foundation for lasting smiles. After earning her doctorate from UConn, she completed her residency at St. Francis Hospital in Hartford. She also underwent additional training for pediatric dentistry in Minnesota. Supported by her qualifications in dentistry, Dr. Hughes is committed to caring for the youngest of smiles through comfortable and personalized services. She takes the time to get to know you and your child to deliver the exceptional dental care children deserve. When she is not in our office, she enjoys spending time outdoors with her husband and dog.

Children’s Dentistry FAQ’s

Girl Smiling with teeth growing in

At Day Hill Dental, we understand that it’s important for parents to have all the information they need to care for their little ones at home. That’s why we’ve included answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about children’s dentistry in Windsor. Read on to satisfy your curiosity and learn some of the ins and outs of oral health for your kids. 

When should I start bringing my child to a dentist?

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends all children be seen in a dental office within 6 months of their first tooth erupting, or by age 1. Your child's first visit is all about getting him or her acquainted with the sights, sounds, smells, and tastes of the dental office. It is also an opportunity for parents to ask questions about their child's dental health and home care.

What should I use to clean my baby's gums and teeth? What about my toddler's?

A clean, damp washcloth can be used to wipe down your infant's gums after feedings before they have teeth. This will remove any milk residue and will get him or her used to having their mouth cleaned. When teeth start to appear (around 6 months or so), a baby toothbrush should be used instead. A tiny smear (smaller than a grain of rice) of fluoridated toothpaste is safe to use twice a day at that point.

What are dental sealants? Why are they needed?

Dental sealants are thin coverings painted on the biting surface of your child's permanent molars. Those molars usually erupt around age 6, so the sealants prevent cavities while it is still difficult for kids to brush well.

Are vaping and smokeless tobacco harmful?

New studies have come out linking vaping and e-cigarettes with not only oral cancer, but also lung and heart diseases. They are also just as addictive as conventional smoking.

Why is fluoride important for kids and for adults?

Fluoride helps strengthen enamel, the outermost layer of teeth, so bacteria are less likely to create cavities. As kids are growing up, they are developing their baby teeth and then permanent teeth –the enamel of both sets of teeth are strengthened by fluoride. In adults, topical applications of fluoride can recharge enamel on already present teeth and keep them protected against cavities.

When should my child stop using a pacifier or sucking their thumb?

Your dentist in Windsor recommends that these habits are discontinued around age 3. At that time, your child has all of his/her baby teeth, so continuing to use a pacifier or thumb can disrupt normal development and growth for their permanent teeth positioning.

Is it okay to give my baby a bottle in bed?

Water is the only liquid that should be in a bottle at bedtime. Milk and juice both have sugars that can lead to problematic cavities on your baby's teeth, even if you are watering them down.

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