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Emergency Dentist in Windsor, CT

Prepare yourself for your next urgent dental situation by programming our number into your phone. We can be reached anytime at (860) 688-5595. When you contact us with a dental emergency, the doctors you trust at Day Hill Dental tend to your case with timely attention and expert dental care.

Broken Tooth

Over the years, teeth can become weakened and more susceptible to fracturing; patients may also simply experience a severe accident that leads to sudden dental breakage. Whatever the cause is, our team can provide much-needed relief with a variety of possible solutions, including fillings, dental crowns, and more. On your way to our office, a cold compress held against the appropriate cheek can help reduce any uncomfortable swelling. Additionally, if any significant pieces of the tooth were lost, make sure to bring them along; reattachment may be possible.


A toothache may be caused by a piece of food or other foreign debris getting caught in the mouth. Patients experiencing discomfort are encouraged to brush and floss thoroughly in order to dislodge these potential issues. If the pain persists, please contact our office right away for assistance. Toothaches can also be a clear sign of a serious infection that’s occurring underneath the surface of your

Does your situation qualify as a dental emergency? Here are some of the most common cases we treat.

  • Knocked out teeth
  • Broken teeth
  • Severe toothache or abscessed teeth
  • Lacerations to the soft tissues of the mouth
  • A foreign object lodged between teeth or in the gums

Don’t delay if you’re experiencing a dental emergency in Windsor, Enfield, Suffield, Windsor Locks, or Bloomfield. As with any urgent situation, time is of the essence. Contact Day Hill Dental as soon as one pops up and receive the dental care you urgently need -- because we know our patients deserve better than to be left waiting in pain!

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