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Meet Our Windsor Dental Team

Amanda, Assistant

Amanda’s career in dentistry started in 2008. Originally from Windsor, she really enjoys the friendly environment that Day Hill Dental has to offer. She also loves interacting with patients and hearing their stories over the course of a regular workday. At home, she has three children named Ella, Adeline, and Emily, as well as a husband named Brian. In her limited spare time, she enjoys doing DIY projects like painting and restoring furniture.

Lexi, Assistant

Lexi attended the dental assisting program at Porter and Chester Institute in 2015. Originally from Marlborough, Lexi says her favorite part of her job is helping patients and seeing their beautiful, healthy smiles. When she has free time outside of the office, she enjoys being with her family, going to the beach, hiking, and drinking iced coffee.

Tammy, Assistant

Tammy has over 10 years’ experience as a dental assistant and says she loves that she’s always learning new things at work. With a number of special certifications, including radiology and dental implant placement and assessment, Tammy adds considerable knowledge to our skilled team. When she’s not at the office, Tammy enjoys hiking, baking, shopping, and being with her family.

Mira, Assistant

Mira attended the University of Hartford and received her certification in dental assisting from the Porter and Chester Institute. She’s originally from East Granby, CT. With several years’ experience in the dental field, Mira says the best part of her job is meeting new people and helping patients. She and her family enjoy spending time together, whether that’s taking long walks or traveling the world.

Alicia, Assistant

Alicia has been working in dentistry for over a decade now! She attended Porter & Chester Institute and is trained in general care, periodontal dentistry, and oral surgery. She loves that this office takes so much pride in their work and prioritizes patient care at all times. When she isn’t busy at work, she loves hanging out with family, including her husband Doug, her son Paxton, and her Bernese Mountain dog Finn.

Heather, Assistant

Heather has been working in the dental field for almost a decade now. She has her dental assisting certification and is currently working towards her Associates in Health Science. She loves that everybody here at Day Hill Dental truly takes pride in what they do and that the doctors clearly value their employees and the quality of the work they’re producing. Her extensive experience in dentistry and her genuine passion for this field make her a great fit for her position! Whenever she has free time, she goes kayaking, cooks, and spends quality time with family (especially her adorable niece Ella).

Kim, Hygienist

Kim graduated from Tunxis Community College in 2002 and has been at Day Hill Dental group since 2002.  She lives in Enfield with her husband and two beautiful children.  She enjoys traveling and spending time with family and friends.  She volunteers at local schools to further educate children on the topic of dental health.

Jillian, Hygienist

Jillian attended Tunxis Community College for dental hygiene and has 10 years’ experience in dentistry. She is specially certificated in the administration of local anesthesia, and says she most enjoys meeting new people at work. In her free time, Jillian likes hiking, shopping, and spending time with her two nephews and niece. She’s also an identical twin and make-up artist on the side!

Janelle, Hygienist

Janelle graduated from Springfield Technical Community College with an Associates Degree in dental hygiene.  She has been working for Day Hill Dental since 1996.  She resides in Ellington with her husband and two children.  In her spare time, she enjoys volleyball, volunteering, and gardening.

Sue, Hygienist

Sue is a native of Windsor and has an impressive 34 years’ experience in dentistry -- with 32 right here at Day Hill Dental. Sue attended Tunxis Community College School for dental assisting and is also certified in local anesthesia. Her favorite part of her job, she says, is being part of patients’ lives and helping them want to come back to the dentist’s. Sue also loves bartending, exercising, and making people laugh!

Whitney, Hygienist

Whitney received her certification in dental hygiene from Springfield Technical Community College, and has three years’ experience in dentistry. She is also certified to administer local anesthesia. The best thing about her job? The people, says Whitney. She grew up in Longmeadow, MA, and in her spare time she enjoys photography and playing tennis. Whitney also knows a little sign language. 

Dana, Hygienist

Dana earned her associate’s in dental hygiene from Tunxis Community College. With three years’ experience in dentistry, Dana is also trained in CPR, basic life support, and local anesthesia. She enjoys educating patients and making a difference in their health through her role as dental hygienist. In her free time, Dana enjoys hiking, exercising, cooking, art, and woodburning. She can also walk on her hands!

Kelly, Hygienist

Kelly is from South Windsor, and she received her education from both Manchester Community College and Tunxis Community College. She is also certified in both CPR and local anesthesia. Her favorite part of her work is being able to educate and encourage patients to take care of their overall oral health through oral hygiene. Her hobbies outside of the office include biking, camping, pottery, film photography, DIY projects, and having picnics. She has never broken a bone! 

Jessica, Hygienist

“Jes” joined our practice in 2017 and has over 3 years of experience in dentistry so far. After graduating from Tunxis Community College with her Associates in Dental Hygiene, she went on to become certified in local anesthesia, CPR, and basic life support. Talking about Day Hill Dental, she said, “I love that the practice is patient-focused and not a dental factory! We can spend plenty of time and treatment plan according to each individual patient’s needs.” Her main goal every day is to give her patients a positive experience, especially those who have a negative dental history. To her, nothing is more rewarding than seeing someone finally become comfortable with their dental care. Outside of dentistry, you’ll often find Jes renovating or working on various DIY projects. She also likes to spend time at her cozy lake house with her husband and their dog.

Haley, Hygienist

Haley has been working in the dental field for almost two years now. She earned her Associates of Applied Science from Springfield Technical Community College, and her reasonable and caring nature makes her a great fit for the job. She really knows how to help people feel comfortable! She also enjoys working for a practice that always puts the patient’s needs first. Outside of work, she has two brothers and a cat named Simon who currently gets all of her attention.

Donna Mauri, Office Manager

Donna has been a Windsor resident for 35 years and started at Day Hill Dental as a business team member in 2006. Ask Donna, and she’ll tell you this is the best job she’s ever had. She loves working with the staff to help our wonderful patients. A member of the American Association of Dental Office Managers, Donna stays active in her profession. Donna is married with two boys, and in her free time she enjoys cooking, going to the beach, and trying new vineyards and restaurants with her husband.  

Crystal, Business Team

Crystal had two years’ experience in dentistry prior to joining the Day Hill Dental business team in 2012. Her favorite aspect of her job is being able to help people achieve their dream smiles -- and being part of a great team! Originally from Bristol, CT, Crystal enjoys spending time with her family and friends, cleaning, and organizing. She is also an identical twin. 

Lauren, Business Team

Lauren has spent her entire 4 year dental career here at Day Hill Dental. Before joining our practice, she graduated with a bachelor’s in psychology and biology and went on to get her Masters in forensics. She’s great at making our patients feel at ease as soon as they walk in the door thanks to her outgoing and helpful personality. In her spare time, Lauren has a variety of interests, including dancing, Thai boxing, and owning her own clothing company!

Nikki, Business Team

Nikki brings over 10 years of dental experience to our team. She originally joined our practice as a certified dental assistant back in 2006, and thanks to her familiarity with all aspects of running a dental office, she’s a perfect fit for her position on our business team. She truly loves being a part of Day Hill Dental and says she enjoys the sincerely friendly environment in our office. Outside of work, she likes to spend most of her free time with her 3 children.

Veronica, Business Team

Veronica has spent nearly five years in the dental field so far and will be starting at Tunxis Community College in Fall of 2019 for her dental hygiene degree. She loves the friendly work environment of Day Hill Dental, as well as how there’s plenty of opportunity to learn all the time! Her friendly and determined nature makes this position a great fit for her. When she isn’t busy at the office, she spends her free time doing yoga, hiking, running, reading, and simply being outdoors.

Julie, Business Team

Julie is from Enfield and has been working in dentistry for almost 10 years now. She has studied dental assisting at the Porter & Chester Institute and is a CDA (Certified Dental Assistant). Her compassionate, caring nature helps patients feel very welcomed when they walk through the front door, and she’s proud to work at an office that helps everyone seem just like family members. Outside of the practice, Julie has two amazing sons who are both very active in sports. She spends her free time watching them play hockey and soccer, hanging out with her husband and two Labs, cooking, and relaxing at their family cabin in Vermont on the lake.

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