Guided Bone Regeneration and sinus augmentation

Guided Bone Regeneration and Sinus AugmentationDental implants require a certain amount of jaw bone for proper placement and long term stability.  In some situations, Dr. Kang and Dr. Meltzer may determine that guided bone regeneration, or bone grafting, is required to build up adequate jaw bone for dental implants.  Often, if it has been years since a tooth is missing or if there was a recent extraction without any subsequent bone grafting, the jaw bone can deteriorate over time. 

In the upper posterior areas, the maxillary sinuses can often encroach on the bone required for implant placement.  Bone can be augmented underneath the sinus to regain the bone lost from sinus encroachment.

Drs. Kang and Meltzer are trained in advanced surgical techniques to repair and rebuild jaw bone in a variety of different situations.

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