gum Grafting

When gum recession occurs, gingival (gum) grafting procedures can be completed to address the deficiency.

Not all gum recession needs treatment, especially if healthy gingiva remains around the tooth for protection. When the recession reaches the mucosal tissue, the first line of defense against bacterial penetration is lost and grafting will likely be recommended.

Gum recession can also lead to an unsightly appearance of the teeth and root sensitivity to hot and cold foods. Exposed root surfaces are also more vulnerable to cavities, as well as wear and tear on surface of the root.

Gum Grafting #1   Gum Grafting #2
before and after gum grafting

Gingival grafting procedures are highly predictable for addressing issues of gum recession and a lack of stable, protective gum around teeth.  The gum graft can be taken from a nearby area or the roof of the mouth, and there are synthetic materials available as well that do not require a donor site.  As periodontists, Drs. Kang and Meltzer perform a variety of gingival grafting procedures.

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